Our #WinningFromHome winner - Andrew Cotter commentary

Our #WinningFromHome winner - Andrew Cotter commentary


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Thank you for choosing to make a donation to Dogs for Good following the #WinningFromHome competition. We really do appreciate your support.

We hope that you enjoyed watching the winning video of Nala the Cavapoo as she was rather unsuccessfully 'Winning From Home' but making us smile in the process. Hopefully you also saw the special short video with the voice-over from Andrew Cotter where he explained more about the ways that our special dogs change lives.

Here at Dogs for Good we use our knowledge and experience to bring people with disabilities and dogs together to make life-changing differences. Through the power of highly trained dogs, we support people with autism, physical disabilities, learning disabilities and dementia enabling them to live more independent lives.

Your donation will enable us to continue to do our vital work, today during the current pandemic and in the future too. 

If you don't already, please do follow us social media, to see brilliant videos and photos of our amazing dogs and puppies, and the lives that they change:
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Thank you and best wishes!
Dogs for Good

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First donation made!
First donation made!

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Fundraising started!

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